Trigonometry and Vectors Work pack

Textbooks and workbooks can be confusing and frustrating to use.  

Trigonometry and vectors can be confusing enough without having to worry about big wordy paragraphs, tiny images and problems that have no solutions.

The Electric Academy has created an innovative new method to learn and practice electrical theory.

In this work pack you will have different options to practice and learn the theory behind Trignometry and vectors.

Option #1:

Interactive workbook.  This slide deck allows you to practice questions and watch videos on the topics as you progress.

Option #2

Prefer a hard copy?  Go ahead and print off the PDF version.  As you progress you will find QR codes on the pages.  These codes will direct you to the appropriate videos to show you how to solve the problems.

Option #3

Don't want to practice but want a refresh on the concepts?  Go ahead and head to the video library.  Download the videos and watch at your leisure.

Become the expert in trigonometry and vectors that your mother always knew you were!

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What's included?

6 Videos
1 Multimedia
Chad Flinn
Chad Flinn
Instructor extraordinaire

About the instructor

When I became an instructor myself, I vowed I would do everything I could to put the student first.  This has been my philosophy since 2009.

I truly believe that all Electrical concepts can be broken down into easy to follow and understand lessons.  That is the whole point of these courses.

As always I am always growing and learning and would love to hear from you.