Solid state doesn't have to be magic.

When I took Electronics it was considered magic

I wish I was joking but there was seriously a part in my electronic text that stated that transistors were akin to magic.

If you understand the basics of atomic structure, you will have no problem wrapping your head around diodes and transistors.

Each lesson is a bite-sized video along with a PDF workbook and worksheets to help you get a deeper and fuller understanding of electronics and how they fit in the world of electrical.

What's included?

9 Videos
Chad Flinn
Chad Flinn
Instructor extraordinaire

About the instructor

When I became an instructor myself, I vowed I would do everything I could to put the student first.  This has been my philosophy since 2009.

I truly believe that all Electrical concepts can be broken down into easy to follow and understand lessons.  That is the whole point of these courses.

As always I am always growing and learning and would love to hear from you.